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Founded on holistic approach that see the person as a whole and as an indivisible entity, Iman Network strive to provide professional clinical treatment, education, research, and relief to those who suffer from mental illnesses, in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

Iman Network clinical work use individualized treatment to address the substance abuse problems and co-occurring disorders and treat the person as a whole and indivisible entity, where it is impossible to treat the mind and behavior, without taking the client’s physical health, lifestyle, environment, relationships, etc. into consideration. Iman Network promotes a lifestyle that positively impacts society. All services are delivered in a safe environment with the highest quality of care.



Founded on a holistic-integrative approach that see the person as a whole and as an indivisible entity, Iman Network, Inc. strives to provide professional clinical treatment, education, research, and relief to all individuals who suffer from mental illnesses, substance abuse, dual diagnosis, and co-occurring disorders in the quest for optimal health and wellness.


We are compassionate people with open hearts and open minds. Our approach is a holistic-integrative approach. Our goal is to help individuals to reach their optimal success in life.



WE WELCOME YOU WITH AN OPEN HEART AND AN OPEN MIND whether you are seeking help or you wanting to support our work.

IF YOU ARE SEEKING HELP walking the first step towards your journey of healing is not an easy one. We are here for YOU to walk with you on that journey through your own process of finding yourself.

IF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT THE WORK WE DO, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. We need your support to help those who are struggling with mental health and addiction. Donations will help Iman network continue to serve the community and gain access to better resources. Our goals include continuing to provide emergency care to those who need it, reaching more members of our community through outreach and publicity, and building an in-patient and out-patient facility.

As a contributor to this Fund, you join our community in providing services to those who are struggling with mental health and addiction.  We are so grateful for your help! Let’s keep moving forward for our neighbors and our community members in need!

Help address the rising needs for mental health services by supporting Iman Network to provide mental health support to our community and to promote mental health education, minimize the stigma of mental health, and help those who suffer from mental and addiction illnesses. DONATE through NOW and START MAKING A DIFFERENCE!


We are Zakah eligible as well

A vital part of IMAN NETWORK

Growth is the financial support given to the organization by foundations, corporations, and individuals. Your generosity allows us to serve those struggling with mental illness, addiction, and those who suffer from dual diagnoses. It will enable us to serve the undeserved population in our community. It also allows us to dedicate vital resources to the substance abuse and mental health treatment process. Your generous donation will enable us to provide these individuals the help they desperately need to defeat their addiction and advance in life, free from their habits and the cycle of abuse. IMAN NETWORK is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization.
Support Iman Network cause through your corporate giving, matching, and volunteering programs. Please find us on BENEVITY Causes Portal or use our unique identifier 850911768 when making donations. You can make a difference: Support Iman Network cause by donating through your company network or donate directly to Iman Network by contacting us.

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Our People

Dr. Iman Farajallah

Doctor of Psychology (PsyD), Ph.D.

Zaid Yousef

Marketing Intern

Shrine Fahmy

Office Secretary

COVID-19 Message

No one should be without the necessary resources to heal, especially during crisis times, when feelings of stress and anxiety are running high. Stress can present a daunting threat to individuals who suffer from mental health diseases. We are offering teleHealth online therapy services (video/phone) for mental health and addiction conditions in the comfort of your own home.